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* Estimated shipping cost is for reference purpose only. Actual shipping cost may vary based on size and/or weight of the actual package and postal code of the package delivery address. Estimated cost does not include taxes.

Other Charges

Price (USD)
Any number of parcel which is less than 4kg US$ 0 (Yes. It is FREE!!!)
An odd sized parcel regardless of weight US$ 4
A parcel which is more than 4kg (upto 10kg) US$ 4
A parcel which is more than 10kg US$ 1 per kg
Parcel received with wrong/missing Suite No US$ 4
NOTE : Banking/Exchange Surcharge on all above fee is extra. Usually it is about 3-5%
Price (USD)
Storage For upto 30 days US$ 0 (Yes. This is FREE too!!!)
30th day to 60th day US$ 1 per day
Beyond 60 days Do you need to store long?
Contact us for pricing.
NOTE : a) Date is calculated from the date of first parcel received. This is regardless of number of parcels you may send during the period b) Any package not collected within 60 days or communicated to us store will be considered abandoned and will be disposed without any notification
Price (USD)
Photograph request for item received US$ 2 per parcel
Inspection and testing of item(s) US$ 4 per item for small items.
For large items, please request
Incoming Item’s payment of Customs/ Duty US$ 10 + Actual Amount To Be Paid
Outgoing Item’s payment of Customs/ Duty US$ 10 + Actual Amount To Be Paid
Return of goods Service Fee US$ 3**
NOTE : For Insurance, We will provide you a quote based on item’s value. Contact Us Also, banking/exchange rate charges for all above transactions is extra. This is usually between 3.5% to 5% ** fee doesn’t include the shipping charge (if any) that has to be paid for sending the parcel back to the seller

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