Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information we collect, use and disclose to support services and features.

For any questions or clarifications related to data privacy or protection or information about your data at, please contact us via email to [email protected]

Collection of data

  1. To provide services and features, we collect information and data about you and your usage. We use available technology to protect the security of your personal data and communications made through our website.
  2. We collect and store information about you such as name, email address, phone number, account login, location details and transactional details (e.g. what you purchase). This may be provided directly by you, your browser or collected through 3 rd party authentication providers (e.g. Facebook or Google login). This is primarily for uniquely identifying our customers
  3. We also collect your address directly from you for shipment and dispatch of package purposes.
  4. We may also collect additional information such as ID and address proof where necessary during our course of services.
  5. These information about you will be collected through our website, mobile, and/or email and/or related/relevant applications and/or during interactions with our staff.
  6. If you would like us to remove your data, please send email to [email protected]. Removal will be updated in our system(s) within 10 working days excluding maintaining information (including your shipping transactions and payment transactions information) for legal and/or internal operational requirements and traceability.
  7. We also provide ability for you to login and to view your personal data and self- correct if required.
  8. You may also approach us for information request by sending email to [email protected]. Please note that information request must be done from registered account email and we may need to contact you to validate details prior to clarifying or sharing information.

Usage and Disclosure of data

Account Registration & Marketing Consent:

  1. By logging into our website, you agree to provide us consent for recording and storing your personal details for account creation purpose and marketing purpose.
  2. We may also use this information for contacting, verification and validation purpose (e.g. email ID and mobile number OTP verification).
  3. If you would like to withdraw your consent provided for account creation or marketing and/or close your account, please send email to [email protected]. For marketing emails, you can also remove using unsubscribe link in the emails.

Business Operation, Sharing and Servicing Consent:

  1. By agreeing to our terms and conditions and placing orders in our website, you agree for us to collect, use and disclose some of your personal data (including but not limited to your email address, physical address, phone and name etc.) We may also need to provide or disclose the same to third parties so as to facilitate your order’s servicing including shipment, transportation, insurance. customs etc.  This may also include but not limited to our warehouse storage partners, shipment service providers or courier service providers.
  2. reserves full rights to decide which third party service provider will partner us and we will not be required you provide details regarding our appointed third parties. By also agreeing to this term of conditions, you also consent for us to contact you through email, phone or text messages (SMS or any electronic means like Whatsapp, Facebook etc) for servicing purposes such as Assisted Purchase (Shop For Me) or warehouse subscription service.
  3. You may any time withdraw this consent by sending email request to [email protected]. Your request will be updated in our system(s) within 10 working days for all future transactions.  Kindly note that removal of your personal information from our systems will be done where possible immediately excluding maintaining records(including your shipping transactions) for reasonable time for legal and/or internal operational requirements.
  4. Please also be informed that we are unable to remove your personal information or transaction(s) from third parties (e.g. shipment service providers or courier companies) where we might have disclosed your details to provide your service. Third parties have their own process and we are only acting as your agent to shop and ship item(s) through them.  For any such request, you would need directly liaise with them.
  5. Please also note that we may also have to disclose your personal data to the court or any government agency, or as and when required by law globally. This does not require any notification.
  6. Also, shipment companies, or any company acting on their behalf has the right to open and inspect any shipment, or part thereof, for security purposes, without prior notice to the member to safe guard or package forwarding ecosystem.

Data Location:

  1. Your data will be stored in locations where there are sufficient personal data protection laws exist and it is on par with Singapore laws. Where there might not be any equivalent laws or regulations and we need to store or transfer your data, necessary contracts will be established to protect your data. Please note that this is only for data collected by us and within our control and not for disclosed data during operational due course. e.g. we are unable to control information given to courier partners for delivery to your location.
  2. Your personal particulars collected (excluding IP address and past transactions) will be for modification in your profile page. If you would like to correct any of your personal particulars provided to us, please login and self-correct. If you need any assistance, please email to [email protected].

Data Retention & Purging:

  1. For dormant customer(s) who have not logged in to your account for at least 24 months, not performed any transactions and not blacklisted or legally required to be maintained, we will delete your account without any notification. You can re- create a new account if required.