Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement - Terms

All access of any area of www.forwardbuy.com (“The Website”) is governed by the terms and conditions below (“Terms”). If you do not accept any of these Terms, exit immediately. Continue only if you accept these Terms. In these Terms, the words “we”, “our” and “us” refers to ForwardBuy.com LLP [ Singapore Registration No. T18LL0744B] while the words “you”, “your”, “buyer”, “account holder” refers to the user of our Website and Website services. In the event of any breach by yourself (the account holder) on any of the Terms & Conditions contain herein, we may terminate this Agreement and also your account with us forthwith without prior notice or refund or explanation whatsoever.

2. Access To The Website & Our Services

Website Access:

  1. The accessibility and operation of The Website relies on technologies (including but not limited to hosting and payment gateway integration) which may be outside our control on several occasions. We do not guarantee continuous accessibility or uninterrupted operation of The Website and shall not be liable for failures by us or third parties (e.g. payment gateway) including transaction failures.
  2. In the event of any breach of this agreement by the account holder or their related parties or by any users on any of the Terms & Conditions contain herein, we may suspend or terminate their account and this agreement without prior notice or explanation or notification whatsoever.


  1. Apart from The Website itself, we are a parcel collection agent, shopping agent and package forwarding agent based in Singapore who will act on behalf of you for shopping, consolidating items/goods and also for re-shipping these on behalf of you to an address location as requested during order and upon successful payment of relevant fees. We may also perform any other relevant services as and when necessary.
  2. If in case there are charges including but not limited to handling charges, shopping charges, delivery charges, customs, tax , duties etc. , this will be charged to your account as required and you are liable to pay this.
  3. Non-payment of charges may result in not shipping out of item(s) and/or discarding of item(s).
  4. For Assisted Purchase (Shop For Me) order we act as your agent to shop the item. We are unable to provide guarantee or warranty for the item(s) shopped through this as we are only providing services to shop as your agent.
  5. For any queries related item or it’s quality etc, you would need to directly liaise with actual seller not us. ForwardBuy.com on it’s own discretion may help you to liaise with seller. But we do not guarantee seller’s acceptance of your claims (if any).
  6. Any refund or return request for item(s) shopped through us is as per actual seller’s agreement and terms & conditions of actual seller and their platform(if any). For seller’s refund (if any) thru us, ForwardBuy.com will refund this to your account within 2-3 working days after detecting service charges if any.
  7. ForwardBuy.com does not entertain return or refund due to customer’s change of mind. Please make sure that you are aware about seller’s terms and condition prior to making orders.

Inflow of Goods:

  1. Content of parcel shopped or shipped to our designated address must not be anything suspicious or prohibited or unlawful items at any jurisdiction(s) where we operate or where the parcel will be shipped to or shipped through.
  2. We have full rights for opening, re-packing the parcels , checking the items and decide what need to be done (including discarding) with the parcels and items received on behalf of you.
  3. We may also request for additional supporting documents (such as invoice or credit card statements) to verify that item(s) are purchased by yourself for your own use.
  4. Any unlawful activity or request for usage of our services including but not limited to purchasing, storing, forwarding or purchasing noticed by us will be reported to relevant legal authority at Singapore or India or USA and/or such authority in country where such buyer or his order originated or transits through or shipped.  This referral is not limited to Singapore Police Force, Singapore Customs, or Central Narcotics Bureau, but can be any relevant governmental or government related authority/ agency in any country.
  5. We may also withhold or handover such items to the authority and share buyer’s full personal information and profile to the authority when necessary and we are not liable for any such occurrences. There will be no refund or compensations even if payment has been successful for such scenarios.
  6. For comprehensive list of exporting and importing of controlled and prohibited goods at Singapore, please refer to below website link to which we will comply always with.



  7. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, destruction of such prohibited product.

Outflow of Goods:

  1. Content of parcel shipped out from our designated address must not be any prohibited or unlawful items at Singapore or USA or India or any jurisdiction where the parcel will be shipped to.
  2. Apart from above, following are the types of products are prohibited for shipment:
    • Any product related to illegal activities or which is prohibited by law in the place of origin, the destination, or any sites through which such product travel.
    • Any product requiring specific licenses to store or distribute. Examples of products with distribution and licensing requirements may include, but are not limited to:
      • Live plants and animals;
      • Alcoholic beverages;
      • Ammunition & firearms;
      • Tobacco;
      • Firearms and any kind of weapon;
      • Prescription pharmaceuticals or other dangerous drugs;
      • Explosive or hazardous products;
      • Unique or one-of-a-kind materials; and
      • Precious metals in the forms of bullion or reserves.
  3. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, destruction of such prohibited product.
  4. If in case there are additional charges liable including but not limited to handling, customs, tax , duties etc for the items , this will required to be paid by buyer. We may also pre-collect or post-collect this amount from the buyer and buyer is required to settle such charges and fees without any argument or negotiations.
  5. Physical collection of items in Singapore or any other locations on abnormal scenarios may be arranged at our own discretion/will and the location and timing of such collection will be at our suitable venue and timing. Additional fees and charges may be enforced on such circumstances

3. Relying On Information

The information on The Website is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without representations and warranties of any kind, and may not be available at all times or complete, error-free, accurate or updated in relation to any particular issue. The use of The Website and the information on The Website is therefore at your own risk and discretion. You should do your own checks or obtain professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances. We reserve the right to vary or modify the information on The Website at any time and without any prior notice

4. User Account

You may need your own ForwardBuy.com account to use certain services from us, and you may be required to be logged in to the account and have a valid payment method associated with the account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your account, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. The Website does sell or ship products for children, but it does them to adults, who can purchase with a credit card or other permitted payment method. If you are under 18, you may use our services only with involvement of a parent or guardian. ForwardBuy.com reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, terminate your rights to use ForwardBuy.com services, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in its sole discretion.

Providing incorrect information such as name, address, contact number or falsifying such information, misusing information or identity of other natural or legal person is strictly prohibited. On any suspicion of suspected misleading information or transactions, We may cancel or suspend your account without any notice and may also report to necessary legal authority or seller. On such cases, We reserves the rights to refund any payments that is made. ForwardBuy.Com at any point have rights to reject any incoming package and will not be liable for any charges incurred by seller of the product nor buyer. Full liability for purchase is with actual buyer.

5. General Disclaimer, Warranty And Limitation Of Liabilit

We will not be liable for any consequences, including but not limited to all losses, damages, costs, expenses and any other claims for compensation, arising directly or indirectly from

  • your using, visiting or relying on any statements, opinion, representation or information on The Website; and/or.
  • any delay in operation or transmission, communications failure, internet access difficulties or malfunctions in equipment or software. We will also not be liable for any consequences arising directly or indirectly from the conduct or the views of any person who accesses or uses The Website.

The company shall also not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond our control. These include, but are not limited to deliveries to our warehouse by 3rd party sellers and/or shipment companies; an Act of God e.g. earthquake, flood, storm ; force majeure, for example war, plane crash or embargo; ant defect or characteristic related to the nature of the shipment, riot, civil commotion or industrial action; damage to, or loss of, electronic or photographic images, data or recordings due to electrical or magnetic interference.

The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the product in transit from the online merchant/supplier of the product to ForwardBuy’s warehouse.

For Assisted Purchase (Shop For Me) orders, you agree and authorize us as your agent to shop the item requested from any alternate seller if this is deemed necessary due to any reasons not limited to logistical need, delivery time, seller reviews, cost, trust etc. We may also use our own internal pricing with certain platforms, vouchers, discounts, referral fee and coupons in third party platforms to offset item purchase cost. There will be no refund for such internal usage of vouchers used for purchasing your item. Please note that your purchase of item is through us at the listed price which is available in public.

For every shipment that is shipped by us to customer address, it is shipped on a limited liability basis, relating to direct loss limited to shipment fee and/or per shipment of $50SGD (for Singapore Purchases) only if the mistake is on our side. You may purchase an insurance coverage for your Shipments through us when you schedule a Shipment with us. Such insurance provides you a refund in event the Shipment, after being shipped, becomes lost or damaged. We reserve the right to cancel and disable insurance coverage option anytime as the cover is bound by the rules of insurance service provider.

In the event that our warehouse office relocates or ceases operations in its present premise as referenced in the mailing address, the Customer will be required to use the new mailing address as provided. Customer will NOT be entitled to receive any compensation or reimbursement for any inconvenience, or cost in respect to the relocation. Alternatively, Customer may terminate this Agreement with a written notice.

Shipment from warehouse will be done within 5 working-days from the date you have paid the shipment fee and requested for ship-out. For shipping status and transportation liability, please refer to shipping option chosen and their liability.

6. Uncollected Items:

For items not requested for additional storage days at our end, or customer not reachable beyond agreed timeline, or items without communication as deemed by ForwardBuy.com and not requested for ship-out from our warehouse, we may decide to inform relevant authority and/or may also decide to discard the items without further communication to the buyer.

7. Storage Timeline:

ForwardBuy.com provides 30 days (“from the date of first parcel received”) of free storage for the items and charges $1 per day for next 30 days. Beyond this, storage is at discretion of ForwardBuy.com. Beyond reasonable storage period (60 days), ForwardBuy.com also have full rights to discard or destroy or sell the item to compensate towards storage charges without any notification.

8. Privacy Policy and Customer Consent:

  1. Where appropriate, we will use available technology to protect the security of communications made through The Website. Internet communications may be susceptible to interference or interception by third parties. Despite our best efforts, we make no warranties that The Website is free of infection by computer viruses or other unauthorised software. You should take appropriate steps to keep your information, computer, software and equipment secure. This includes clearing your Internet browser cookies and cache before and after using any services on The Website and also using antivirus software. You should also keep your passwords confidential. Please note that we will never ask you for your password.
  2. Account Registration & Marketing Consent :  By logging into our website by either registering an direct email account in ForwardBuy.com or by using an 3rd party authentication provider’s application (e.g. Facebook or Google login)   you agree to provide us consent for recording and storing your personal details for account creation purpose and marketing purpose. We may also use this information for verification and validation purpose(e.g. email ID and mobile number OTP verification). If you would like to withdraw your consent provided for account creation or marketing and/or close your account, please send email to [email protected]. For marketing emails, you can also remove use unsubscribe link in the emails. Please note that your request will be updated in our system(s) within 10 working days.  Kindly note that removal of your personal information from our systems will be done where possible immediately excluding maintaining information (including your shipping transactions and payment transactions) for reasonable time for legal and/or internal operational requirements.
  3. Business Operation  and Servicing Consent: By agreeing to our terms and conditions and placing orders in our website, you agree for us to collect, use and disclose some of your personal data (including but not limited to your email address, physical address, phone and name etc.)  We may also need to provide or disclose the same to third parties so as to facilitate your order’s servicing including shipment, transportation, insurance. customs etc.  This may also include but not limited to our warehouse storage partners, shipment service providers or courier service providers.  ForwardBuy.com reserves full rights to decide which third party service provider will partner us and we will not be required you provide details regarding our appointed third parties. By also agreeing to this terms of conditions, you also consent for us to contact you through email, phone or text messages (SMS or any electronic means like Whatsapp, Facebook etc) for servicing purposes such as Assisted Purchase (Shop For Me) or warehouse subscription service.You may any time withdraw this consent by sending email request to [email protected] .Your request will be updated in our system(s) within 10 working days for all future transactions.  Kindly note that removal of your personal information from our systems will be done where possible immediately excluding maintaining records(including your shipping transactions) for reasonable time for legal and/or internal operational requirements.
  4. Kindly be informed that we are unable to remove your personal information or transaction(s) from third parties (e.g. shipment service providers or courier companies) where we might have disclosed your details to provide your service. Third parties have their own process and we are only acting as your agent to shop and ship item(s) through them.  For any such request, you would need directly liaise with them.
  5. Please also note that we may also have to disclose your personal data to the court or any government agency, or as and when required by law globally. This does not require any notification.
  6. Also, shipment companies, ForwardBuy.com or any company acting on their behalf has the right to open and inspect any shipment, or part thereof, for security purposes, without prior notice to the member to safe guard or package forwarding ecosystem.
  7. Your data will be stored in locations where there is sufficient personal data protection laws exist and it is on par with Singapore laws. Where there might not be any equivalent laws or regulations and we need to store or transfer your data, necessary contracts will be established to protect your data. Please note that this is only for data collected by us and within our control  and not for disclosed data during operational due course. e.g. we are unable to control information given to courier partners.
  8. Your personal particulars collected(excluding IP address and transactions) will be for modification in your profile page. If you would like to correct any of your personal particulars provided to us, please login and self-correct. If you need any assistance, please email to [email protected].
  9. For dormant customer(s) who have not logged in to your account for more than 2 years and for those who have not performed any transactions during reasonable time frame nor legally required to be maintained, we will delete your account without any notifications.
  10. For any questions or clarifications related to data privacy or protection or information about your data at ForwardBuy.com, please contact us via email to [email protected].  Please note that information request must be done from registered account email and we may need to contact you to validate details prior to clarifying or sharing information.

9. Hyperlinks:

We are not responsible or liable for the availability or content of any other Internet site (not provided by us) linked to or from The Website. Access to any other Internet site is at your own risk. The Website is IPv6-ready. If you encounter broken or incorrect or in-appropriate web links to third-party websites, please check directly with the respective website administrator.

10. Intellectual Property:

Materials, including source code, pages, documents and online graphics, audio and video in The Website are protected by law. The intellectual property rights in the materials is owned by or licensed to us. For third party images, logos, etc., the license belong to respective owner and they are governed by their own law.

11. Variation:

We may revise these Terms at any time by updating this page. You should visit this page from time to time and review the then current Terms because they are binding on you. We may modify or discontinue any information or features that form part of The Website at any time, with or without notice to you, and without liability.

12. Fees:

Assisted Purchase (Shop For Me) services and warehouse usage for handling, storage, consolidation of items for shipment, other value-added services is governed by Fees as mentioned in The Website. We may also enforce additional handling charge for parcels beyond specific size and weight.

We reserve the right to introduce new fees or revise existing fees from time to time. We are not responsible for any fees charged by any other Internet site (not provided by us).

Any charges generated from purchases, such as shipping fees, country’s shipping fees, service fees, tax, forwarding fees, holding fees and any miscellaneous government fees presently in effect or established in the future, will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Non-payment of fee beyond 60 days of receiving the parcel at our warehouse with no prior information will result in closure of buyer’s account and/or discarding the items and/or resale of items to other parties.