Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending a Package from India to Singapore

There are specific rules that must be followed while sending a courier from India to Singapore in order to prevent any harm to the merchandise or issues with the Singapore customs office. Our ForwardBuy experts will provide a short summary for that you can follow while using an overseas courier service. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind while sending a package. 

DON’T: Place orders at the last minute. 
DO: Consider any unplanned events, public holidays, and other days off.
Since not all courier services will provide a courier pick-up service, there are many benefits to scheduling shipping service in advance, including:
•    Avoid sending a package to the shipping provider on any non-working or holiday days that fall between those times.
•    If you make a booking in advance, you can correct any address-related issues.
•    Avoid getting caught in poor weather and being unable to travel to the shipping service office.
•    If you need to send a package at a specific time, advance booking assists you with scheduling.

DON'T: ignore the permitted dimensions
Do: your research and determine the dimensions and weight of your shipment.
Nobody likes unexpected fees to burn a hole in their wallet, therefore to prevent this from happening, you must measure the exact dimensions of the items you are sending. You must ensure that you precisely measure the package's dimensions because they are a determining element in price. It is advantageous because if you have done your research, some courier services may decline to pick up the package if it weighs more than a specific amount, negating all of your efforts. 

DO NOT: include any prohibited products in your box.
DO: Check the items that can be shipped.
Check the courier service's policies about forbidden items. When sending a courier to the USA, one thing you can do is visit the portal for USA courier service and verifies the list of prohibited items there. 

DON'T: repeatedly utilize the same cardboard box.
Do: Pack your belongings securely.
Packing your stuff properly can be done by observing how the courier is packaged properly. To cut costs, shipping firms frequently send a large number of packages at once. In this situation, there is a potential that some boxes may be placed above your package. Make sure the box you pick is brand-new and strong to prevent damage during shipping.

DON'T: Place your stuff in a box loose.
Do: Separate your products and give each one special protection.
To ensure that the object inside doesn't move around much during shipment, make sure to fill any empty places with packing peanuts. Additionally, the peanuts serve as a cushion to protect the item from damage.

DON'T: overlook providing the precise address or any other relevant information when ordering shipping services.
DO: double-check your order's specifics.
Look carefully and check all the required documentation that you must include with your package in order for it to be admitted into Singapore to ensure that nothing is missing that could prevent your courier from traveling there. Verify the label's placement on the courier and that it is securely fastened.

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