How to send important documents by courier? 

Just remember the straightforward rule that original documents are more valuable than copies that require additional research or simply cannot be replaced. These documents are particularly significant since they might contain important personal information about a person, such as their name or proof of birth. An example of such a document is: 
•    Pan Card 
•    Driving License 
•    Passport 
•    Aadhar Card
•    Company Registration Certificates
•    Business Contract Papers
•    Negotiable banking documents, such as MOUs and NDAs.
•    Bank draughts, debit or credit cards, checks, bills of exchange, etc. Original mark sheets, diplomas (graduation or post-graduate), convocation certificates, etc. 

Best Way to Send Important Documents Internationally

Want to know the best way to send original documents? Original documents sent by courier from India to Singapore are the fastest way to send documents in India. Your concerns regarding the security of the document can be raised by sending those crucial documents by courier. If you are moving to a foreign country, such as the USA or another, you might need those documents. Don't be concerned; ForwardBuy is here to assist you and provide guidance on how to guarantee the security of these vital documents when sending them by courier to Singapore.

Packaging Material

You can package the important papers in a tamper-proof bag because you are sending them and need to ensure that they are not mishandled. The tamper-proof bags are simple to seal and need tearing to open, so you can simply verify that no one has tampered with your shipment during transport. Always use tamper-proof bags, and many international courier services in India may even request that you pack essential documents in them as a matter of course.
Suppose you wish to send a cheque by courier to Singapore from India, make sure that you send an open cheque (i.e.) an unsigned cheque.

What Is The Best Way To Send Valuable Documents?

Step 1: Insert the document into the plastic envelope that ForwardBuy or your local stationery store can offer for you. 
Step 2: The tamper-proof bag, which is the same size as the plastic envelope, is now used. As many Singapore courier services advise, carefully place the envelope inside the tamper-proof bag. 
Step 3: Use the adhesive strip to seal the Tamper-Proof bag opening. 
Step 4: When you go to book the courier, attach the labels that the international courier service requests. 

Which Courier Service Is Good For Sending Documents To Singapore?

ForwardBuy is a reliable international parcel forwarding services company that couriers packages to your loved ones who are located all over the world. ForwardBuy aims to provide distinctive and varied services to meet the needs of those who seek to connect beyond borders. 

You are welcome to select any package from ForwardBuy globally to give your special gifts to the people who mean the most to you. We are aware that it might be challenging to find international courier services in Singapore, and India, but fortunately, we can ensure you that we will be your most reliable partner from the very first quote.

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