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Do you think that is it difficult to ship electronics internationally? Few more queries that come in your mind is, "Can I ship electronics overseas?","What kinds of electronics can I ship?","Do I need any special paperwork?"
ForwardBuy, best courier service to ship electronics items from India, Singapore is ready to clear all your doubts.

Regulations for Electronics Shipping

It might seem difficult to follow the rules and guidelines related to exporting electronics, so let's make it simpler together. Let's start by discussing dangerous goods (DG). These include some lithium-battery-powered electronics including laptops, power banks, and e-scooters. If these things are not managed properly, there may be safety issues. Mistakes with DG can result in not only severe accidents but also hefty fines from regulatory organizations. Therefore, it's crucial to remember these guidelines. Our blog post on "Shipping Dangerous Goods" is a great resource for in-depth information. We urge you to look it over.
Each nation has its own regulations governing the import of electronics. For instance: 
Shipping from India: There are some limitations when shipping electronics to India.
Shipping from India to Malaysia: A special permit known as a SIRIM permit is normally needed when shipping electronics to Malaysia.
Therefore, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the import regulations of your destination country before you ship. Making sure your shipping process is as seamless as possible by taking this minor step will help prevent significant problems in the future. 

20 Typical Electronics You Can Send Safely Abroad

The entire list of 20 gadgets that you may ship with us with confidence is now available. Please be aware that the final three goods, given their DG status, may need additional paperwork.
1.    Cell phones
2.    Tablets
3.    Desktop Computers
4.    Keyboards
5.    TVs
6.    Speakers
7.    Portable Power Bank
8.    Laptops
9.    E-Readers
10.    Printers
11.    Hard Drives
12.    Fitness Trackers
13.    Headphones
14.    Smart Watches
15.    Drones
16.    Digital Cameras
17.    Smart Home Devices
18.    Home Appliances
19.    Gaming Consoles
20.    E-Scooter
Detach all the removable components and wrap them separately using the well-padded, sturdy box. 

How ForwardBuy Will Help You To Ship Your Electronics Items?

Our list of the 20 most often shipped devices didn't include the gadget you were looking for? No issues! Other than the items mentioned above, ForwardBuy has the capacity to handle a wide variety of electronics to ship from India, Singapore to USA, UK, Malaysia.
Get the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer if your electronics use high-powered batteries. This document gives details on the item's characteristics, handling techniques, and potential hazards. Please contact us via email or WhatsApp and include the MSDS, as well as the item's or batteries' dimensions, weight, number, and complete destination address. After reviewing your data, our staff will offer a quote. To ensure compliance with international laws, we'll also advise you on whether your things need to be shipped as dangerous goods (DG). 
If you are satisfied with the quote, complete the cargo form, schedule pickup or delivery, and ForwardBuy handle the rest.


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