Challenges of International Online Shopping From India

International Online Shopping from India is increasing along with the internet retail business. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular due to its ease, low costs, availability, simple returns policy, and a host of other advantages. But a consumer may not always find it to be so simple. There are many issues that arise for an online shopper who wishes to shop online from Indian websites. When this happens, ForwardBuy can help you. We act as your personal shopper, taking care of all your purchasing needs. If you have any issues in online shopping we shop for you.
Let's look at some of the issues that international customers encounter when ordering products from India online.

International Delivery:

For buyers and sellers, transportation fees, taxes, and duties open up a whole new world of concerns. Many retailers limit themselves to the Indian domestic market and avoid delivering internationally for this precise reason. ForwardBuy handles the entire process until the items are delivered to your doorstep.

Payment problems:

To properly place an order on almost any Indian shopping website, a customer must pay Indian rupees. This calls for a local bank account, a local credit card, or alternative payment options like Paypal, Paytm, Google Pay, etc. Such options are not available to international shoppers throughout the checkout process on Indian buying sites. It is made simple by having a personal shopper from ForwardBuy.

Address and Phone Number:

The second significant obstacle to online international buying from India is the phone number and address. Indian shopping sites simply need an Indian phone number and an Indian address to deliver an order because they deliver within India. ForwardBuy can finish your order and add all the necessary information promptly.


Return or exchange policies:

Sellers are increasingly embracing free and quick returns since they give customers peace of mind and increase sales. When it comes to online foreign purchasing, return or exchange regulations can be very confusing. In this scenario, ForwardBuy is highly advised to solve the issues.



Tax & Duties:

A package must pass through customs and be picked up by the courier. The shipment is also subject to the customs and taxes of the country of origin and the country of destination. On occasion, a consumer receives their order only to be buried with additional tax and customs. ForwardBuy will take care of the taxes and duties.
Quality of Packing: Products that are not adequately packaged for a long journey run the risk of being damaged, wet, stolen, subject to unforeseen fees, rejected, delayed, and other issues. ForwardBuy can help you avoid these dangers.



Shipping rates and Delays:

Depending on how far away your country is from India, shipping rates from India transit times will vary. Use a personal assistant to determine the shipping costs when purchasing internationally quickly. The availability of genuine products online at reasonable costs is something that every buyer wants, but they should stay away from websites that advertise prices that seem too good to be true. ForwardBuy is an authority on recognizing genuine goods.



Restricted Items:

The vast majority of customers who purchase items from Indian websites outside of India are NRIs. When a holiday or celebration is approaching, they visit these Indian shopping websites to buy traditional clothing, jewelers, sweets, gifts, and other celebratory stuff. The export of certain of these goods from India is occasionally prohibited.
ForwardBuy's personal shoppers can help customers with buying and shipping as needed. They are experts in international shipping.




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