International Courier Service- Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Guidelines After Choosing Shipping Options

1. Ensure that you are not sending any prohibited items to the destination country.

2. Check the size and weight limits for your international shipments are met.

3. Label your package with the correct address, postage, and customs information.

4. Use an unbending box with clean folds.

5. Remove any names, hazardous materials pointers, and other past shipment markings from the crate that are no longer necessary.

6. Wrap everything separately; use suitable padding material and solid tape designed for transportation.

7. Avoid using string or paper overwrap. 

8. Use a single location name with clear, complete conveyance and data return.

Tips to ship your parcel internationally

1. Select Perfect Parcel Box

For successful courier service, choose the right size, and shape of your shipping parcel. Choose a box that is slightly larger than the content you intend to put into it. If the box is too small, it will become overstuffed, causing it to bend, tear, or break open. If it is too large, your contents may shift and shake inside the box as it is transported, potentially damaging your goods.

2. Bubble Wrap Your Parcel

External stress can cause the box to collapse or crush. This is why it is critical to reinforce the box from within. The things you place inside may provide some natural reinforcement, but they should not bear the brunt of the load. Fill the bottom, sides, and top of the box with bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or other soft absorbent materials.

3. Best way to Seal the Package

Close the box properly and add packing tape along the folds and edges to reinforce it from the outside. Make sure the bottom is reinforced so that heavy items do not fall through. When applying the tape, take care not to obscure any labels. If the package is fragile or you believe it will be damaged during international shipping, it can be double-boxed.

Heavy Parcel Packaging Guidelines

It is critical to assess your couriering materials weighing more than 70 lbs. (31.5 kgs) to ensure that they are adequate for heavier parcel substances. Use the following guidelines to pack your large package securely and safely:
•    Boxes should be strongly constructed, ideally with creases that are sewed or stapled rather than simply stuck.
•    Weight limits imprinted on the Box Maker's Certificate (found on the base folds of most boxes) are expected for palletized cargo shipments, not small package transporter conditions. 
•    Use new boxes that are at their original capacity and have not been compromised by muckiness or mileage from previous use.
•    Apply three strips of rock-solid tape (ideally fortified) to both the top and bottom of the case, securing the center crease and the two edge creases.
•    Use only thick padding material to protect your heavy parcel contents. Redone layered board or designed froth walled-in areas are more powerful and strengthen the external box's inflexibility. has built a large international courier service network. We are a reliable and fastest international shipping service that ensures that your packages arrive as soon as possible. International courier prices are reasonable and affordable. Depending on the delivery time of your goods, we use air and sea freight services to deliver your parcel. Contact us today!

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