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Saree is a beautiful, graceful Indian ethnic wear. There are countless ways to wear a saree in a fashionable way. A saree is certainly a girl's best friend because it fits every body type and gives you an instant air of poise, grace, and elegance. The "Desi" attire of India, Indian ethnic apparel has charm, lively colors, and a style that is unequaled by other Western clothing. So even if you live abroad, you may still order your favorite saree or traditional outfit from popular Indian online shopping stores. Some websites have skilled stitching units and provide free international delivery in addition to allowing you to customize your clothing. Most of the people prefer Designer shop sarees from India and ship to Singapore. But most of the Indian stores will deliver the saree internationally. But what if the online stores refuse to ship internationally? Let's explore the challenges faced by NRIs when purchasing an Indian saree before continuing!

There are saree shops on practically every corner in India, giving you a wide range of alternatives. Additionally, you have access to Amma's incredible saree collection to choose from. However, there are significant limitations, including fewer possibilities like color, quality, trend, Patterns & Designs, when you reside in Singapore. Want to know how to shop in India and ship to Singapore? ForwardBuy is here to resolve your issues. Need to know how? You can order your saree from popular Indian Shopping Online Sites and ship to Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Shop Saree in India, Ship to Singapore

ForwardBuy provides international package forwarding services from India to Singapore as well as across the world. We choose reputable couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS based on service availability. With a simplified set of services & convenience that you've never experienced before, our services enable shop online from India and ship to Singapore. You can browse as much as you like at Indian stores; we'll take it from there. The information you require to manage your strict Amazon shipping deadlines with better communication and transparency will be promptly and reliably delivered to you by our supply chain team. Shop sarees from India and ship to Singapore price is also reasonable. With a simplified set of services and ease that you have never experienced before, our services enable us to ship internationally from India.

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1.    SignUp with ForwardBuy and get the Virtual address
2.    Shop saree from Indian stores online.
3.    We receive your product and store it in our warehouse for 30-days FREE.
4.    Unbox your packages and combine them into a single parcel and start preparing the paperwork. We will send parcel to Singapore from India within 3-4 business days along with the tracking details. 
It’s time to shop your favorite saree and get them shipped to Singapore!

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