Six Things You Should Know Before Sending Parcel To Singapore

You might be sending a package to your relatives in another country for the first time by visiting the international courier service in India. The first time is an exciting experience, but there are a few things to bear in mind that could assist you in calculating the cost and prevent you from sending an item that is prohibited by the package.

Don't send any forbidden items

Each nation has a list of restricted items; why do they do this? Just for safety reasons, as there are various risks involved with shipping items from one country to another, from disease outbreaks to the introduction of illegal substances. Hence, keep in mind to check the postal service website of the recognized nation first. For instance, if you are sending a courier to Singapore, you must make sure you are not delivering anything that is forbidden there. Check out the list of prohibited products on the website for their postal service.

Examine Delivery Times

Nobody like service interruptions, so when sending something crucial to your Singapore family, make sure the courier gets there on schedule. When you visit an international courier service in India, ask them about the delivery time in order to avoid the problem, as there are many instances where a package takes several weeks merely to reach its destination. When choosing which courier service to choose, the delivery time should be discussed because it could be a deciding factor. Always look for a quick delivery service.

Utilize tracking courier services

You may now track the whereabouts of your package from your home. Nevertheless, there is a catch—not all Indian international courier providers provide tracking for your package. Tracking is always a good idea since it increases transparency and gives you, the customer, additional peace of mind and assurance that your courier is safe. offers SMS service to trace your courier if you don't have internet access in your area or a laptop.

Ensure enough packaging

To ensure the security of the parcel's contents, make sure the package is well-packed. This is our advice from as a courier service:
•    Employ a sturdy, double-walled cardboard box; always go for a brand-new, hard box that can handle pressure.
•    Add packing peanuts to the box to increase the cushioning.
•    Before placing the products in the box, bubble wraps them.
•    Packaging peanuts should be used to fill in the box's empty spaces.
•    Avoid paying more than necessary.
Always request a price quote in advance from the courier operator to avoid any unexpected fees or hidden costs. You can check our prices by visiting our website, and will provide you with a quote in advance so you can compare it to other courier services. When sending a courier to Singapore, try to keep your costs under control.

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