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Shipping your parcels from India to Usa

International Parcel Forwarding: Shipping From India to Usa will make your parcel forwarding hassle-free. helps you to shop your favourite Indian brands from your favorite online stores and then ship to your Usa home address.

Save upto 60% on your shipment charges

Shop Indian Clothes Online and Ship to USA, Singapore

Most of the customers prefer to purchase beautiful Indian ethnic clothing and accessories from multiple Indian shopping sites and ship to USA, Singapore via, the fastest and most reliable international shipping service. Let's take a closer look at the shopping and shipping processes.

Tips for Customers to Shop from Singapore, India, USA

•    Sign Up for and get your virtual address as your delivery address and make the payment to complete the order on Indian sites. Customers who are unable to make payments or have problems placing orders on Indian shopping sites can use assisted purchase service from Forwardbuy. The order is then placed on the customer's behalf by our experts, making the process very simple.
•    Purchased Indian clothes from Indian stores were successfully delivered to our warehouse and stored in the customer's personal locker.  Items kept for longer periods of time in the personal locker are subject to additional storage fees.
•    Apart from that ForwardBuy also provides overseas shipping for a variety of other services such as gift boxes, express processing, extra packaging material, and so on.
•    After being notified that all of the items had been delivered to the warehouse, the customers ask us to prepare the items for shipment. We consolidated and repackaged the order before shipping to reduce international shipping costs. 
•    Based on the weight of the products, shipping price is calculated. The international shipping price is low after consolidation and repackaging of goods when compared to individual shipping costs.  Country shipping discount is offered for a few customers. 
•    ForwardBuy will dispatch the package through our international courier service within 3-4 business days with no additional customs duties.

Anyone can shop on Indian shopping sites and ship from India to Singapore, USA, or any other country. We serve over 200 countries and can save you up to 60% on international shipping and delivery costs.

Join ForwardBuy and enjoy all of the benefits!

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