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Shipping your parcels from India to Singapore

International Parcel Forwarding: Shipping From India to Singapore will make your parcel forwarding hassle-free. helps you to shop your favourite Indian brands from your favorite online stores and then ship to your Singapore home address.

Save upto 60% on your shipment charges

Shopping From Indian Stores and Ship To Singapore

Anyone who wants to shop on Indian websites runs into a lot of difficulties. You can effortlessly shop from one, two, or more Indian websites using ForwardBuy, and shipping to Singapore is done within 3–4 business days at the most competitive shipping prices. Our ForwardBuy experts have listed out few steps to do, before ship from India to Singapore.

Place an order

To get a free Indian virtual shipping address, the user first registers at Customers can place orders using this address on any Indian shopping website. Your orders will arrive at our warehouse From here we will send parcel from India to Singapore

Order Delivery and Storage

We promptly receive our items from popular Indian online shopping websites within 3–7 days to deliver products to India. At our warehouse, we store them after we get the order until the whole order arrives. The order was therefore held in their FREE locker storage facility for four days. 30 days of FREE personal locker storage are given to each new customer. When you have numerous orders from various websites, the ForwardBuy locker is best. While we await the arrival of all the things, we carefully keep them in your locker.

Shipping Costs for Package to Singapore from India

If a customer wants to view a photo of the order we have received at the warehouse before continuing, they can select that option. Customers can pay more to enhance the locker storage capacity. The customer in this instance declined to use any such service. For individuals who wish to speed up the entire shipping procedure from India to Singapore and receive their things as soon as possible, we offer express courier service. Additional packaging supplies, a present note, gift wrapping, and the removal of a shoe box are some of the additional services we provide. 

Request For Shipment From India to Singapore

If the customer requests to ship the product, we will send a payment link to the buyer. After finishing the payment, the buyer created a "ship request" asking us to send the items.

Overall Weight

We believe that our consolidation and repackaging service is the key for lower shipping costs from India to Singapore. We group and repackage the items into a single box to simplify delivery and lower the shipping cost. We weigh the package. We take into account the higher of the two factors—volumetric weight or actual weight—when determining the weight and shipping costs. 

Total cost of shipping

The total shipping cost from India to Singapore is based on the bundle level, wrapping gifts, gift notes, and gathering and repackaging. Both picture and express processing fees were waived.. We applied the first-time shipping discount for Singapore customers. Consequently, the total shipping expenses is calculated to ship from India. 


Without paying additional customs duties, we assisted them in saving 60% on international shipping costs from India to Singapore. 

Final Delivery

We deliver the package to our courier partner, DHL, Fedex etc, as soon as the customer made the payment. The shipping to Singapore is processed without a hitch, and everything went smoothly overall.

ForwardBuy guarantees that your order will be delivered within 3 to 4 working days. ForwardBuy offers the lowest shipping costs to Singapore while shipping with the most reliable shipping partners. To begin your great voyage of buying from India, register at today for FREE.

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