How NRI Can Shop From Indian Websites?

People in overseas always prefer to stay connected with their home country. Purchasing from Indian websites may appear intimidating to NRIs. ForwardBuy, an international parcel forwarding company from India gives detailed solutions on how to use our effective forwarding service to make purchases from Indian websites.

How ForwardBuy does operate?

Forward Buy is a trustworthy international package forwarding business. You can use our service to get an Indian shipping address, which you can use to receive packages from Indian online retailers. Your packages are sent quickly and securely to your overseas address from our facility in India.

How ForwardBuy help to make purchases from Indian websites?

Step 1: To obtain your exclusive Indian shipping address, register on the Forward Parcel website.
Step 2: Look through Indian online retailers and put the things you want to buy in your shopping basket.
Step 3: Enter ForwardBuy’s Indian address as your delivery address during the checkout process.
Step 4: You will be notified as soon as your shipments arrive at the Forward Parcel facility in India.
Step 5: Select your desired delivery option and cover the shipping costs.
Step 6: Your package will be delivered to your overseas address.

How to track your package?

A tracking number is provided by ForwardBuy for every shipment. Until they arrive at your door, you can trace the whereabouts and status of your packages using this tracking number.
You may experience trouble-free online buying from India without worrying about shipment or delivery by following the step-by-step instructions. ForwardBuy allows you to maintain ties to your Indian heritage even when you live in overseas!

 Cheers to your shopping!

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