Do you want to know how to pack fragile items? Fragile objects must be handled carefully and packaged with care when shipping from Singapore to India. Understand the best way for shipping and pack fragile items with

How To Pack Delicate Items For Shipping 

Have you ever observed that sensitive items sometimes arrive damaged during shipping? If you take a closer look, you will notice that the damage is primarily due to inadequate packaging. Our forwardbuy experts will provide you with some tips to ship fragile items and guarantee that your packages reach your destination in perfect shape. This page will lead you through choosing the proper packaging for fragile items and how to pack delicate things for shipping.

Pick A Box That Is Larger Than Fragile Items Size

Select a packaging box that is somewhat larger than the object being delivered. Because the boxes are shifted around in the transportation vehicle. Forwardbuy pack the boxes firmly to prevent shifting. Your box and its contents can remain undamaged until delivery if it is packaged properly for fragile items and has an ideal box size.

Cover The Item With Cushion Material

To fill in any remaining space around your products inside the box, use shipping-related packing materials like bubble wrap, styrofoam, etc. During transportation, the impact caused by bumping into other boxes is reduced by the use of cushioning material. To safeguard your fragile products until they safely reach the hands of your consumer, fill empty gaps with packing paper and plenty of cushioning material.

Don't Keep Your Box Overloaded

Each box has its own weight. To send a parcel from India to Singapore, avoid packing the box overload with heavier objects than it can hold. Overloading of the box results in transit damage.

Securely Close and Tape the Fragile Items

Strong packing tape features an industrial-grade adhesive that can support the weight of your box and is not simply resilient. For easy shipping, make an investment in the best box tape and packaging materials. The brand experience is what matters most in the end, and do not get compromised while packing your fragile items.

Give The Box A "Fragile" Label

The favorite packing suggestion when it comes to packing delicate items for shipping is by adding a "fragile" label to your box. This is a quick and easy approach to inform the international parcel forwarding services company to handle your cargo with extra caution. Adding a fragile label is practical and affordable, and it does the job well.


We think that now you know how to pack fragile items for shipping. Custom and professional packaging services are provided by Forwardbuy for both domestic and international goods which is one of the cheapest courier services from Singapore, India, USA. Get reduced quotations for your shipments using our online pricing calculator. Based on the items being shipped, your shipping advisor will adjust the packing you choose. For additional information, email us at [email protected] or visit our website

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