International medicine courier service from India

Medication delivery is a difficult process particularly when sending medicine from India. However, there may be occasions when you need to have your prescription medication shipped urgently abroad. In this blog, we will deeply discuss about the topic of shipping medications from India.

Medicine international courier service from India

If you have the required license for the medicines and can provide the paperwork to send the medication to the recipient, then you are allowed to ship prescribed medicines from India. The same stringent rules that apply to prescription drugs also apply to over-the-counter medicines. Medicine courier service from India to any other country, shipping firms like FedEx, UPS, and DHL stipulate all the laws relevant to the final state. The shipping advisers at ForwardBuy can advise you on the laws that apply in your state or nation. 
When it comes to exporting medications, importers must follow tight regulations. Rules for transporting medicines apply whether you intend to ship medicine from India to other countries. Here is a list of guidelines that must be followed while sending drugs from India to Singapore.

1. Recognize the law

First of all, you need to have awareness when mailing prescription medication. Before you start the shipping medicine from India, familiarize yourself with the laws that are in force in the state or nation where you will be shipping.

2. Information

Medicines shipping from India are closely monitored and examined.  Make sure you have the paperwork necessary to transport medications and pass through customs in the first place.

3. Identify the Package

Any package that is addressed to the incorrect person may be returned to the manufacturer, which may add time to the process. Before the parcel is delivered, be sure to let the recipient know about its arrival and advise them to keep their ID card handy to display as proof of delivery.
Limits for Shipping Medication from India
Every shipment of medicine is extensively examined for compliance. Large quantities of medication are prohibited by all countries. Every country often has a maximum amount and time for shipping medicines. Learn more about the precise dosage and packing requirements for sending medications.

Do you still have queries about sending medications from India? Contact our shipping consultants at [email protected] .  For details on package limits and international delivery, be sure to visit our forbidden items page.

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